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Milarepa performance, 2019_edited
Duck, Death and the Tulip, 2018
Katiana & Lynne performing, 2018
Hewitt Brooks & Lynne Marvet
Snake charmer dance, 2002
A Naga for the 90s, 1995
Naga waving to fans
"Salad Sisters" Nancy & Lynne, 2010
MeeMee HeeHee yoga routine, 2002
MeeMee HeeHee with kids, 2011
Dr. Laffin, Dragonologist
Dr. Cecil B. Laffin, Dragonologist
HeeHee holding the universe, 2004
MeeMee HeeHee and the lamb, 2004
JoJo HeeHee, 2004
HeeHee with star, 2004
Senior HeeHee, 2004
Senor HeeHee & Ms. Bones, 2004
Dolly HeeHee, 2004

Lynne has been performing on and off since childhood. In the mid 90s she studied theatre arts and began experimenting with storytelling using puppets, masks and other props. After an internship and performances with Bread & Puppet Theater in Vermont and New York City, Lynne continued to study theatre arts.

In 2004 after finding her inner clown, Lynne created a one-woman show, "MeeMee HeeHee Lights Up the Universe," which was performed at Nalanda West in Seattle.  Lynne created the original characters of MeeMee HeeHee, a gentle clown with child-like wonder, JoJo who dances away his pain, Tex Mex who dances with Ms. Bones, Dr. Cecil B. Laffin, a dragonologist. She also lip-synced as Dolly Parton who was knocking on Heaven's door.

Also in 2004, Lynne performed as Milarepa in an original play written by Hewitt Brooks at the inauguration celebration for Nalanda West in Seattle.

In 1997, Lynne performed in New York City as "A Naga for the 90s" in a Tableau Vivant hosted by Laurie Anderson for the Transformation Ball. 

More recently she has collaborated with Katiana Rangel on performances with Buddhist themes, including stories and songs of Milarepa, and the children's book, Duck, Death and the Tulip.

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