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Lynne expresses her creativity in both the visual and performing arts. Her mixed media collages and photographs are explorations of inner and outer experiences inspired by nature, texture, patterns, contrasts, complexity, and maps. As a performing artist, she enjoys character acting and offering sheer delight to her audiences as well as exploring themes of triumph over adversity, transformation, and the wisdom of folk tales. She tells stories with songs, puppets, toys, masks and handmade props. 


Lynne was born with Harold's purple crayon in her hand and she immediately began creating her own unique world. She quickly learned how to paint, draw, sing, dance, and play dress up. Her creative mother encouraged Lynne's artistic expression and gave her many opportunities to develop her interests and talents with lessons in dance, piano and visual arts. In middle and high school, she sang, acted, and was well trained by a talented art teacher.


Lynne studied painting with Ed Paschke at Northwestern University and all forms of visual arts at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She holds a B.A. in Theater Arts from Empire State College in New York City. She studied mask making with Josephine Monter in New York City. Performance influences include sacred performance rituals of indigenous peoples, an internship with Peter Schumann at Bread & Puppet Theater in Vermont and ongoing studies with Moshe Cohen, Founder of Clowns Without Borders, USA, who helped her find her inner clown.

Lynne has lived and worked in New York City and Seattle, Washington where she now resides. She is a fundraising professional who has raised more than $41 million for a variety of arts and cultural organizations, healthcare and social services. Lynne helped co-found Nalanda West, a meditative and contemplative arts center in Seattle.

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